Our Story

I’m not a scientist, just a human with frizzy hair. Over the years I have tried every product, process, and device to tame it. Silicones and alcohols made my hair lifeless, dull – and frizzier! Salon treatments were time consuming and expensive. So I left my decades-long job as a magazine editor and hired a chemist to develop a natural solution. It took a year to come up with the perfect formulation to bring out the best in my hair (and yours!). MYOF is a nourishing, cruelty-free blend of premium natural oils. You can work a drop or two through damp or dry hair for smoothness and softness, or layer MYOF into your existing hair routine for added radiance. Whether you let your hair air-dry naturally or blow it out straight, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Also, I am interested in you – and your own complicated relationship with your hair! Follow @MYOFMindYourOwnFrizzness on Instagram to read hair stories from real people. And please share your own!


At MYOF, our mission is to give you an easy, all-natural way to achieve your best hair ever. Whether you go curly or straight, just a few drops of MYOF will make your hair softer and smoother, bringing out the best in you.


Nothing is more beautiful than the confidence you project when you feel comfortable in your own skin—and your own hair. Don’t be intimidated by unrealistic beauty standards or Instagram filters. Beauty really does come from within. When your look feels right for you, you will radiate energy, joy and light.